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Edinburgh; and in 1876 a delegate from the New York' State
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the owner to hunt up the horses. When it was apparent that
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Gynecological Society, American Congress of Phj-sicians
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nary matters is too apt to be the landlady of his boarding-house,
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inside or outside the dura mater. These compressive
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D. Gross, of Philadelphia, at Jefferson Medical College,
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family name Sgian or Skene, which means dagger or dirlc.
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our readers will share our pleasure in its perusal, and our grati-
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a law of nature ? This is certainly a very important question ;
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never have practiced surgery but for the aid of anesthetics,
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Pleasant Hospital, Washington. D. C. After his recovery.
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domen ; darting pain in the morning; uncomfortable feeling ; a
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Sept. 20, 1883. — Mrs. A. E. W., age forty-two, complains of
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lation of Montreal. The practical fact, distinctly insisted upon,
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himself, but without taking his eyes off the bed, he said, " I
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The Buffalo, Saturn, Country, and Wanakah Country, of Buffalo, and
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Lenox Hill (formerly German) Hospitals of New York City.
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tals, 50 dispensaries, 13 colleges, 2 special schools, and 16
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In the first rank must be placed acute ancemia^ going as far
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believe, that, for all operations on the cornea or ocular conjunc-
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the intention of qualifying for admittance to the medical profession,
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honorary degree of Ph. G., and from Union College, the same
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pulse, taken together, weigh against narcotism (not produced by
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This report shows that the good work begun by the bureau
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in Dr. Glentworth R. Butler's work, "Diagnostics of Internal Med-
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epidemic rapidly increased up to the 10th. Comparing the mortality of this epi-
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In iS6s, when he was in Ihe junior class, the College
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As we all know, from the earliest days of medical science up
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hemorrhage, and those of the female sex, as a rule, about its
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this has been used largely by Ivinnicutt, who finds it efficacious, easy to take,
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forceps was attended with no pain ; but the subsequent steps
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Therapeutics is, for the most part, significantly mute when con-
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sign of suffering. This, which often arouses suspicion as to
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glass of milk. The following morning, as there was no percep-
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At the beginning of his special work he visited the
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lic schools of his native place, and graduated from the Dexter High
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selected, the patient will succumb before a cure can be effected.
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ogy, in course of time gaining recognition as an authority on the
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