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algia, sciatica, rheumatism, varicocele, and other conditions in the various
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Those who fight and "never say die,'* always working, as a rule, do well; but
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was extremely viscid, and nearly as black as pitch,
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the enucleated eye of the frog. Schlayer,* however, from Romberg's
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is iilso |>n((liic.'(i liy lilnuiiijr into a tube, <ir a^'aiii>t siniic rcsistaiici'.
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riiii IV., Ill III,, splaii.-liiii,. t,, vasiMilai- ai.-as 11, it sitiiat,-,! uitliiii tlic i-.a' -
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I'lirntc 111,- iiiv|,i,.,,,l In, Ml till' i\|.ire.| ;iir. The cs|,ii, .1 iili is !,,,1 inl,, -i )„I„. ,.,,ii-
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pfinls \i-\-\ iiiiii'l till' physii-al rniisisli'iii-i' of tlii' t'lioil. A solid biilif<
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On the posterior part of the spine, the rudiments of the pro-
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of both accessory sinuses and of the cheeks. The condition persisted for
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■' the same proportion as in Moo.l i .ntiti.'ial i.lasma). (he .lissoeiation
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connective tissue, the cells being arranged close together one against another."
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Generally, the bleeding comes on insidiously and continues several days,
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experiments. It is only in the heart of Limnlus that uiidouhtcd evideiicr
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looking for such cases, he has never succeeded in finding one. He has seen
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p,'rii),|icily III 111,. sii,.iT(.,liiiM i.,.>piriiii,,|is. jm,!
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postmortem tuberculosis of the kidney with no other disease of the genito-
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most, however, show enlargements along the shaft, suggesting callus forma-
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l.y .■.•rtaii, ..liM.rv.Ts tlinl, ,-,ri,.|- ,,....|„si„i, „r tli,- .•i.hviijil v.-ilis, tll.T.. i-
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reported the case of a man, aged forty-six years, with double congenital dis-
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iw.il artifii-ial liudit ma.\ he emphi.\.'.| tor int.'iisifyini; the clTc.'l
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especially as in fright, showing sclera above the cornea, and giving the
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pnrposes. hut utterly ina.h'.inate for sirowth. That the yomiif rats in
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centres to every vascular territory of the body, and they may be excited
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tachycardia, delirium, glycosuria, and death. Anders* has called attention
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\ Hill. cf. 27). One immediately thinks of lactic a.-id in connection
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"'■ '1 '■.dl .M-.Mtrs. After this p.mit ad.litional inerease in stimulation eauses
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local anaesthesia, with little discomfort to the patient. By this method a
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reau'ciit: and after all these bodies have been separated out, thpro it
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and there may be intention tremor. If at the same time there is parsesthesia,
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light of these figures they are evidently at fault. Calculi in the kidneys are
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clinical features too insufficiently described to serve as guides to the normal
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the perineum it is usually possible, by palpation and inspection, to recognize
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tissues. In Bacialli's case the Staphylococctis pyogenes albus was also found,
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be omitted every other day, or every third or fourth day, according to the
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piinrii' acid i^ i-naldcd tn rairy xarialdc .imniiiils nl" II inn nut nl' tiu' Imdv
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secondary contracted kidney exists, differentiation from the primary con-
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re injected intia\ enonsly in other parts of the hody. so that tlu'v lie-
using salycylic acid wash with differin
Alti'i'iit inn iij till' I'iili' III' ti'iiii>iiiisNiiiii III' til*' |iiiIm' uaxc in tlir iirti'i
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uitli .-a.-li l.r.-alli. only :;.-,(! ,■ ,.. r,-a.-li..s tl,,. alv.-..li, vvli.'r.. it .•.,111, -s v
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pelvis; trauma, frequently associated with small hemorrhages or tears in
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present. The two diseases may be combined, in which case, as in others
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••rcasi' in acti\il,\ is parllv due to a union lictwccn the cnzyiiie ;iiid ti
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' ''111. and cniisi'ipienl ly nniie I'f the heat that is alisnilicil Ii\ the inner enp-
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Trillat* reported a similar case with quite typical achondroplasic body

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