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* Mr. J. Syme, Professor of Clinical Surgery in the University of Edinburgh,
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Diagnosis. — Tuberculous meningitis, according to
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the testing of the donor's and recipient's blood be-
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was found in practically a pure culture, or at least,
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lated to furnish some additional illustration of the history of the
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7. AH cloths, etc., used by her in cleaning her parts
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strip of plaster over the masseter, as demonstrated
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sessor have power to sell the concern, but the purchaser must
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Case I. — Boy, twelve years of age, nervous type,
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readily develop a taste for this foreign concoction
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thalamus, the resulting sensation being referred to
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Forms of Segmentation and Groupings of Micrococci (two cuts) . . . 392
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I see it distorted in many edifices erected for chari-
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which compose their localities. The importance of this observation
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somewhat of an oval shape, extending- about four miles from east to
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at 52, at which number it remained for near a week. I made
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brous tissue. I, True stricture — most common sites
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Attention is called to the following points brought
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reaction, indicated by a general nervous or febrile disturbance, or
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The truth of the play as it is lies, however, in its
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later, to remember black for an indefinite length of
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a half to five inches from the surface with amounts
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in fourteen days the varix was reduced to half its former size. — Ibid, vol. i.
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This leads us (in infection) invariably to the point
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not to be struck with the analogy these changes represent in the
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I'^uthermore, a ijiopsy proved the correctness of the

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