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instances that chlorotic patients have menorrhagia.

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years' course in medicine, and received the degree of A.M.

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allowed to remain at first. Let us point out that these will

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wounds of the soft parts produced by bullets ; these lesions

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York ; has been chairman of the section of Obstetrics and Gynecology

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lay it aside with the certainty that the man capable of writing it

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1885.] Recent Pathology in its Bearings on Therapeutics. 29

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ITniversitats, Frauenklinick, Munich, where he remained

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injury, if no good be accomplished by it. It has proved to be a

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of verses for children, which the family physician may conscien-

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sodium chlorid, lately highly recommended, has likewise failed to prove

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perhaps not to the extent, of a previous attack of the disease ;

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countenance of the patient at any time lose the weary and hag-

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how to enliven and instruct, whether by wit or anecdote

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Pleurisy is a frequent consecutive complication. It is

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Contributions of original articles, correspondence, personal items, etc., should be sent to the publishers,

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Grant's illness, without containing the name of one at least of

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they are not plentiful enough to be important. • Under some circumstances,

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he was appointed president of the college, an office he filled for many

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epoch in the study of the treatment and prophylaxis of Cancer.

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look through the other end. This dispenses with the necessity

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knowledge, it is true, on these subjects. We know that a man

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now to consider — pain, nervous delirittm, local and general

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more or less localized all around the visceral perforations ;

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and troublesome fistula, and much improved in general health.

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passages ; they also comprise the carotido-parotid regions

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pital is one of the moit complete of its kind In New York.

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A bandage to support the chin, ligation of the teeth,

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presenting to our readers Miss Alcott's testimony in full, feel-

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Among the various positions he has ably filled are : Clinical Lecturer

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tion held by Dr. Parker and many others in this country and in

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Worcester ; " Angina Pectoris," by J. M. Teele, M.D., Milton ;

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most profound anaemia may be observed where there is a very frequent epis-

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