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mous labor. The members of the Association present at the
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this suffering might as well have been avoided by a resort to
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of simple vomiting, regurgitation of any fsecal material occurs,
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manifestations in the lungs. It does not occur primarily as the
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plished and efficient. The work is well arranged. The
decadron dexamethasone dose
the woman -question. It were well for those who are
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ing himselt to the inspiration of the moment ; he dis-
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tom is a voracious and dangerous appetite. The drunk-
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subject ; a subject of gradually but consecutively increas-
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which he desires to have it known to American physi-
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with protesting. To say that it is proper to treat all
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conjunction with such measures as electroshock therapy.
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charged. The Secretary was directed to make the necessary sub-
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If we had nothing to enlighten us hut the abdominal
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Examine now in contrast fluids outside of the box, in tubes
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District Branch was held in Dr. Didama's office in Syracuse, June
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of the frequent and long-continued exercise of this fraternal courte-
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ical School. Henry C. Lea: 1870. Philadelphia. ' From the publishers.
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don, made an incision for ovarian tumor ; no tumor was
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Another observed that the magazine's excellent contents
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modes of treatment may be attended with equal success when
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ducting screws, bougies a boule, and a full set, or, better yet,
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involved than the left; that is, taking the summary of all the
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every man is potent for good or evil in this connection.
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this point. Corty ranks among curable cases of sterility,
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In closing I would urge all of the gentlemen present, who are
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frank pneumonia abandoned to itself; therefore, when
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cheek was of a lively red. This phenomenon persisted un-
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vicinity of the old swelling in the right groin. He imagined that
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this "new disease." We will quote a few lines from Dr.
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Harvard University, took the name of the present work, and
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limited area in which they were performed. But now,
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having recently passed a bill prohibiting the marriage of first
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uterus, extra-uterine pregnancy, fibroid tumor, and ovarian tu-
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tient, and expose her to all the risks of the worst forms
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After a new and attentive consideration of the case, I
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they are explained by the late secluded life of its author,
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improved, revealing the previously inscrutable mysteries
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entire number of deaths from all causes, was 23.8 per
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ble shock, I administered alcoholic stimulants freely,
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inst., by Rev. Dr. Garrison, Mr. Walter Dinmore, of
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McDonald, H. C. Van Zandt, C. W. Brown, F. W. Ross, Geo.
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so far, found it to fail when given as I have mentioned.
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since that time the number of volumes has increased to three

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