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me when he represented me as saying that it required only four
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operation. When it was found that wounds of the intestine
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amendments to two laws regulating the practise of medi
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never tree from suffering and afler six weeks a tumour ap
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education in the Pittsfield public schools his collegiate training in
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nearly simultaneously. Dr. lliome one of the staff of the
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Give the origin and insertion of the muscles of the
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form of the peripheral glossopharyngeal area vide Johnston
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prominent ears and silky hair on the posterior portion
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Fellow of the Association and invited guest two weeks before
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by various common names but mostly in this country as Monday Morn
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six had been in the hospital for a long time suffering from
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The seasonal influence shows a great preponderance in
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with the pericardium and producing pressure upon the heart.
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attributed this to the enormous doses of ipecac and zinc and queried in
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nebst klinischen Betrachtungen tiber deren Wert und
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tionary. The progress is slow and the duration indefinite.
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that lay within feet of the shore were in no instance affected.
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medical man without delay and after examination is to obtain a
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trated within the throat. Occasionally the efflorescence in the skin disap
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bluish red very flat lesions. On studying these closely it was found
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always find some one come in to consult the apothecary

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