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such as to point to the cervico-dorsal region of the cord being the seat of

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exalted ; this stage is very evanescent, sometimes so much so as to pass

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bis departed friend is now uppermost in his memory, to believe strenu-

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their entire suppression, as they frequently are deeply buried in tbie sub-

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thological effects of this lesion, in preventing a due arterialization of tbe

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is impossible to lay too much stress upon the importance of thoroughly purifying

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therefore, generally speaking, is of no practical importance, but is not

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Exacerbations of the spasms, associated with great pain, are brought on by

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Case of Triplets. — A case of premature delivery of triplets occurred

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access to an ^ttensive medieaMibrary,'and every other neceaaary facility for t&e acqttireintat of «


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Watson-Oheyne recommends the preliminary injection of antistreptococcus

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may occur in from a few hours to several days. After a large dose, either

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distinctly ecbolic properties, the ignorant often have recourse to diachylon

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great quaniity in the day time. There was also a discliai^e of great

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double hand have been reported, in which the radius was absent and two

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Siroonianism ; or various other amalgams which will suggest themselves

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ing it in pure culture. Subcultures grow well on peptone agar to which 5 to 8

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3iv., chloroform giss. Evaporate in a large mortar with continual stirring,

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ossified. Pericarditis. Inflammation of kidneys. Four lumbar verte-

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of this is from half a drachm to two drachms. Some people are so ex-

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ing in several points of view. In the first instance, it was difficult, if act

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the plate with gold solder by means of a blowpipe ; after which the plate

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duced them, and medicines will, under such circumstances, lose much of

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membranes which are so thick and so strong as to strengthen, or some^

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fect respect and confidence of all classes of citizens. It is gratifying to

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Taylor made some statements in relation to the danger of unlicensed

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most, the body often being supported on the back of head and the heels

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The blood may fill the cyst, causing it to enlarge suddenly, or may escape

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an atrophy of fibres of the corpora quadrigemina, and that thereby impulses pro-

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In this instance, after the sublimation of the bichloride of mercury, pure

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produce grey tubercles in the walls of the vesicles. On section these are

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resist putrefactive changes for a much longer time than is usual after

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to me his mode of drawing his inductions, which appeared to me to be

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lateral curvature is unaccompanied by disease of the vertebrae, anchylosis,

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atmosphere. In some instances, however, there is an initial post-

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near the hip joints, shattered one of the* legs of the second, near the

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are : age, idiosyncrasy, habit, and state of health, together with the

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symptoms and appearances of tuberculous disease in the abdomen, in

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are observed. The first set are liable to premature decay, but are not malformed."

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