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ever, several "Apoplexy Houses," and, had I pursued the

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New 'Theory of Tinea; its supposed Vegetable Origin. — A few years

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which may lead to the erroneous diagnosis of general paralysis ;

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mation of the tuberculous habit; and it is found by experience,

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liable to take a fresh cold. Small mustard leaves are of service,

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the discharge, the cornea should be first examined, for, if it

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have not been so during the latter. It would be vain to attempt

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intestinal secretions, or augmentation of intestinal absorption. —

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edges, sides and panelled back, four stamps, in panels, of double-headed crested

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ions of the author, we recommend the w T ork under consideration.

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Remarks :' The first letter of the first line and the initials of the personae having faded have

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^^^th the formation of a ring-shaped organism slightly larger

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damage the corneal epithelium. The excess of silver should

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tipodal in their character, depend upon the same fundamental mor-

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ounces; lemon juice, a sufficient quantity to saturate the alkali; syrup

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suffocation. In such cases, whether the effusion has taken place

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wall is applied to the placenta ; its muscular fibres are

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quaintances a warm hearted and generous friend, and his numer-

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Besides its action on the toxin, salicin is a cardiac depressant,

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that we had better, as did a member of the Royal Academy of

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tual disruption, it is due to the institution, and ourselves to affirm,

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applies forceps, and failing to deliver by this means, he per-

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increased frequency and pain of micturition, tenesmus, and if

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nerial complaints was formed chiefly under the eye of M.

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he cured six out of seven patients in this way. We should, however,

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five to eight grains, three or four times a day.— The second

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destitute of foundation; that the prospects of the school are

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