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laying the heat of Blood in Fevers, to help Pilling
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and management of this affection — ^its commencing period, the pre-
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mercury is given internally, so as to aff'ect the mouth, but without any
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preceded in some cases by general convulsions (as was reported, but we
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obliged to count every hour and every dollar which he spends,
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sedative and diuretic. Dr. Beck, in his Materia Medica, says,
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15. Total number of Camp Hospitals operated during entire period was 97.
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Pulse small, contracted, fre- Pulse generally accelerated,
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tion, because you will find it asserted in medical works, and by physi-
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paste which may be freely applied to any burn. The pain is relieved
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enlarge. She continued in this condition until the first of Sept.,
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ence, rarely discover that it is simulated. They pity the patient.
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applied in successive relays, calomel given in large doses, egg-shells,
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homoeopathy, from the time of Hahnemann to the present, has been
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of illustrating the f auctions of the liver and spleen, you will have a good
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Elowers, as it were in a J piked Head, each of them
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doses, not to omit its use abruptly, lest the system should feel the loss
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As long as the belly is soft and fallen, and where the bowels have
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suppurate, and which all have considered as the consequence of inflam-
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by the expected beneficial consequences : for, except the good effected
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Having thus proved a remarkable coincidence between these diseases,
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a general interest in the subject of the proposed Memorial to the late
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their chief object was to obtain a store of curious medical information.
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f pi fated to the tbicknefs of New Honey , iv. ounces,
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perfectly, as to preclude the idea of local lesion, such as could be detected
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but this is more excellent, fubtil, penetrating and
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of the natural small-pox ten days previous to my seeing it, and had been
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the electric development of the regions in which they reside ; and he
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true, was not so great as that usually observed in the latter disease, but
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was kindled. It was in a modest, even poor, little field hospital within
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Aperitive and Carminative: and by appropriation they
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five divisions named in the order ef their relative
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AfphodelS} in the midft of which come forth feveral
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John Schmidt, Quincy, 111. ; James M. Kershaw, St. Louis ; G. H. T.
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be termed, the Geography of Diseases, remained uncultivated. Now,
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cause. In the same manner he considered the contagion of scarlet
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mode of resuscitating the drowned. Dr. Bain brought before the
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urea, of diminution in the total amount of urine and of chloride and
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of about twenty-five physicians, who meet semi-monthly at each

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