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principle is not destroyed on artificial gastric digestion, or
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cleanliness of habit certainly plays but a very subordinate role in their
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of science were, as they so often are, mean and petty, lor
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symptoms are soon accompanied by a subjective sensation of cold, at
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frequent observations of the patient's opsonic index. The
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of recovery are (i) absence of pyrexia, (2) gain in weight and
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originally to control the bleeding, not only the haemorrhage, but
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mouth with the air, and is swallowed with the saliva. Using infected
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sickly; but this is simply because the former expose themselves to
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vaccination, although the lymph have been taken from the arm of a
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broken down, and the inflamed sinus filled with a purulent or sanious,
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contagious, and as this is very decidedly the case in cholera, we must
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iodide of potassium, from ten to thirty grains of which are usually given

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