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Tricuspid and pulmonic lesions, as already stated, are comparatively

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The normal structure is unaffected ; the abnormal change is purely quan-

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owing to the emollient action of the Cocoa it contains, which

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by the current of blood. Generally these are from the left cavities of the

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> Vide 'Case of Ulcerative Endocarditis of Right Heart with Sloughing of

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In the Dublin Quarterly Journal for August, 1850, an excel-

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symptoms of constitutional and local disturbance, such as might

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water, discs, albumen, uid fibrine. In 1000 parts of healtbj

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absence of the symptoms and signs denoting inflammation and the presence

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H. C. YARROW, Dermatology. C. W. RICHARDSON, Laryngology and Otology.

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which had appeared a few days previous to my visit, on the face

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laryngitis : the affection, in short, is purely spasmodic. It is unattended

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time to fresh accessions of this humble class, when his time wa% of

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the general health, constitute all that can be done, with our present knowl-

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pylorus are in some cases about one one-hundredth of an inch in

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old discipline. Dr. Evans gave his* aid promptly ; ilnd finding so

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liquid to microscopical examination, discovered in great abundance a vege-

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tions are exclusively dj^senteric, that is, consisting of mucus, epithelium,

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peritoneum. The intestines, large and small, were generally

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will, thus rendering it available at all times and under all circum-

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prevailed '^ to an unusual extent tuid amongst all classes of peo-

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upper and middle thirds of the chest, on its anterior aspect, are expanded,

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lesion of structure. It is an element of other functional affections, viz.,

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superior to all others. It produces no inflammatory re-

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actually known, is a just appreciation of the limits of our present knowl-

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thirsty J and you gave them drink ; they were strangere^ and you

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habits as reo-ards exercise, depletion by saline laxatives and perhaps by

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Meigs remarked, it will almost invariably be found that simple hyper-

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Odors from Perspiration, etc. Speedy Relief by Using

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disturbance, more or less marked, accompanies both the primary and

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prevent this accident. Acting upon the conclusion, deduced by Dr. B. W.

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fession is in its non-communicability. The advocates for the doctrine

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present time. As a result of the inflammation, an abnormal production

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kind, to the wants of nutrition. Every one is familiar with the mental

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