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terrier of o kilogrammes, one carotid of the large dog was
como tomar sildigra
diphtheria were notified to the medical ofticer of health from the parish
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Councils the powers to make local authorities erect hos-
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particular they ask that this should not be postponed until
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sible, find room for it in the next number of the British
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media. After that period it is necessary to recur again to a certain num-
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not speak as practitioners in Perth, but as the organised and
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1843 Dr. Danielssen was studying dermatology in the St. Louis
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Mr. H. Pritchett, Bristol ; Dr. R. T. Price, Carmarthen. iQi Query.
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ad libitum. He made an uninterrupted and rapid recovery,
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Toxteth Park Guardians stated to them that not one person had come to
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Bremen, one of the most strenuous advocates of temperance
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firming the observations of others. In the short time at the
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Varieties of Cystitis, with Remarks on their Diagnosis and
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from accidents of childbirth with that from puerperal fever, the
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comments, and which is of sufiicient immediate importance
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present. Three-fourths of all cretins are goitrous.
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the admitted grievances of so many of their countrymen
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ledema continued to spread over the chest for twelve hours
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years Mr. Baker had ceased to take an active part in the
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pains in the limbs and almost always by dyspnoea, marked and
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which, presumably from some peculiarity of their origin, show
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head and neck of the astragalus, leaving the ankle-joint in-
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By W. H. Crosse. London : Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent and
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Committee in Medicine to take proper steps. As the result,
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centres or foci, is clearly brought out. Several facts are also recorded
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the means for such an appeal to the Privy Council, which might probably
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ditiered from that which occurred in adults, as individual
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cause of death is so complete that very useful conclusions may
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the oozing surfaces with solid perchloride of iron, washing
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afforded at their own urgent request. They propose to revive
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Both cases occurred in a model lodging-house, where persons have been
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ha;matoporphyrin from sulphonal poisoning. Dr. McGilliv-
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mented on a case of puerperal fever, in which it seemed that
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land by the previous steamer, while the bishop takes with
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case the mining and industrial counties, such as Lancashire,
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would find that the instance on which he insists — and wisely
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SiK,— I am very surprised by Mr. Lawsou Tait's letter in

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