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paroxysms. During the last two days she had had a certain amount of
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at providing at the lowest cost an attractive, orderly, and
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Dr Cooney, consjdeiing all the circumstances, should not have lelt much
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unknown for the battery to fail in the course of the operation.
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burton : The Goulstonisn Lectures oo the Chemical Physi-
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stay has become more lengthy, I will speak of these causes ;
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text he has inserted some diagrammatic woodcuts which show
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The cfiargefor inserting notices respecting Exchanges in the Army Medical De
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import, but at present it was recognised that with rest, quiet,
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these nitrogenous bases, and were consequently termed
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sented to the Paris Faculty of Medicine are also included.
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sympathetic memoir of the late Dr. D. Hayes Agnew, which
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she had worn red spectacles for a while, and that another
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pert was, for the first time in the historj- of these so-called electro-medical
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some general remarks on the duty of the College in relation
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I Kead In the Section of Surgery at the Annual Meeting of the British
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speaks, however, of having treated a patient hypnotically for
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The 210 patients were scattered about the Riviera stations,
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Mr. George Brown urged that Dr. Handfield Jones should
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second Commission confirmed this, but they brought out a
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sugar fell very low. The second patient had no rash, but
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analysis and criticism by a man of Dr. Sternberg's experience,
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loway reported as the result of his examination that the
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with more or less probability from the course of the measles
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The movements of the shoulders were weak. The supinator
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whose feelings towards Mme. De altered with a change in

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