Colchicine Toxicity
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then, a question of considerable importance to decide whether the irri«

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the most abandoned debauchery. He soon, therefore, contaminated

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development, and in after life under various circumstances of irritation

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tongue and lips, sordes, stupor merging into coma, and in prolonged

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came on ; in the morning he died upon attempting to get out of bed.

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pirically, but in a strictly scientific manner, by Jenner. It was Pasteur,

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inoculation of pus-producing microbes into one or other tissue. A very

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he says, produce none of the specific symptoms ; but when injected

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an epidemic they may be overlooked.^ The term " bubonic plague " is

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might obtain; and this in spite of unchecked communication.

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lime water and cream may be added. Beef juice, chicken and veal broth,

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is so easy it might seem unnecessary to apply any such disputable

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distention obviously produced by diminished action of the arcuated

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mere telluric conditions. Since the living virus is a bacillus which exists

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mythical, have concerned themselves with every possible influence —

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respiration, combine to render it a most important aid in treating the

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agent of which Virchow wrote, directly attacks the tissues. Traube's

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which they creep with an amoeboid movement ; and inasmuch as they

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the spreading margin, the scarifications crossing one another and com-

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method of mercurial fumigation is by Trousseau's cigarettes, which con-

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the local disease persist, and however wide and deeply spread it

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containing the largest collections of leucocytes yielded notable quantities

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observations. Looking at the effect of diseases of the brain, they

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leave the cases untreated. The induction coil is best for those with

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he has proved this, careful as his researches seem to be ; and until the

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teristic lesions have, however, been found so soon after birth as to indi-

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inflames, and it is in and upon the inflamed surface that the morbific

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