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the police or the military, he is, in the eyes of this

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raw skin; as if it was tearing his flesh from him."

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tuitous self-befoolment. The book is at first sight

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for bringing forward the first of these subjects at

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in the higher classes ; so far as it can be considered identical

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operate as an inducement for pettifogging attorneys

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been moved for two days. He was ordered purgative pills

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Daly's death ; and at every step he quotes Dr. Carr,

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by !Mr. Samuel "Wood of Shrewsbury, who, I believe,

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improved condition of the finances of the Association,

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" It wHl, we think, be seen fi'om this review of the

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anxiety, there is, I think, in the hurried habits of

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upon plethora or atony, the horizontal posture should

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treatise, as a body of multifarious evidence, enabling

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letters, etc., have been in consequence necessarily delayed.

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lowing is one of his remedies for the pleurisy. " Take

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it not ask for an alteration of its Charter in order to

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again, varies greatly, ranging from 350 cubic feet as

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stated in the documents already sent in to the Coun-

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Xot the least pulsation or arterial thrill could, how-

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