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of the patients varied from 35 to 90, averaging 53. The time that they

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by injecting large quantities of sodium chlorid. Martin Fischer demon-

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less than 2 to 1. The deaths in recurrent attack for this group were

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From these averages it is clear that the variations in hemoglobin

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protein molecule yielded sugar, and particularly as to whether the

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Physical examination revealed signs diagnostic of advanced tabes dorsalis.

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The sphygmograph shows in twenty -four per cent, of cases

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is a much more efficient method of bringing about an atrophy of the

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3. Bohr: Nagel's Handbuch der Physiologie des Menschen, i, 51 (Bibli-

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bed, at any rate, for a week or two, the body being supported by pil-

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compressed. Headache and giddiness are also symptoms of this as

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deny that they apply the term " scarlet fever" to a type in the sense of

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Learning reported rupture of the right ventricle ; Lankester, Thomas,

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in the psychical sphere, the lack of interest in the surroundings,

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Here, however, we are led to the reflexion that to regard and name

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'disappeared and the cell count in the spinal fluid became normal. The mental

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equivalent to 100 parts of bread. It must be remembered, however.

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a woman, aged 61, in the year 1913, who gives a very clear history of

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and universal dependence of every one group of phenomena upon every

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mitral insufficiency. There is not the same period of latency of symp-

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There is, however, a very rare variety of the disease which requires

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with the blood-wave, though thickened by rounded or flat cells among

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heart ganglia are in no sense degraded by being denied the office of

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being 25.2 per cent, of the sum. After the age of 45 years there were

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jective symptoms of the patient. Chief of these is pain, which may

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application at intervals of ice-bags over the aorta. The ice-bag

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as strong as we find it in complete jaundice of pronounced severity.

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4. In the tissues, in addition to oxydase cells of accidental occur-

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recorded by Roberts, and already quoted, belongs to the same cate-

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This patient had had splenectomy several months before with but little

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Crystallization No. 1 : The dry weight of the specimen was 0.0997

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compared in couples, the direction of movement of the galvanometer

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just outside the sterno-cleido-mastoid muscle. When the valve of

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the complete repose of the patient should be enjoined until the evi-

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females as among males, we shall confine ourselves to its distribution

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ual is past middle life, is corpulent, shows general evidence of fatty

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the vessel lumen is obliterated and some degree of permanent thick-

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Manson records (Davidson's "Hygiene and Diseases of Warm

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