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M. D., Southern Homeopathic Medical School, 1895. Obstetrics.

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paid to wound healing, skin grafting, etc. Ward, dispensary

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the special condition of the iron in the system and in the circulat-

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greater care should be exercised to prevent inf(,'c-

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charge, Dispensary, and Associate Psychiatrist, the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

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patients on the waiting list who were unable to receive treatments.

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seen less than a dozen cases; however, this exceedingly rare form

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Hospital for Women of Maryland, 1910-1912 ; Dispensary Physician, the Johns

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cally all pial vessels exhibit a proliferation of the adventitia and

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by septic complications. From this one can draw the logical con-

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pneumonia. — Johns Hopkins Hospital Bulletin, 1917, xxviit,

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part of physiology, the topics chosen varying each year.

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the glands. — Publications of the Carnegie Institution of Wash-

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Samuel Goldschmidt, M. D., Instructor in Pathological Chemistry.

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date physician will value and appreciate. Send in your names

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the hepatic lesions of chloroform, phosphorus, or alcohol. —

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stained with Mann's eosin-methylene blue mixture, Mallory's phos-

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hospital. Saturday is the day for op(;rations, and a day

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Widal test for typhoid fever is well known to all, and its introduc-

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mate fixative — and also quite well by Bielschowsky's silver alde-

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cian. and many others thereafter : among these were Drs. Tabor

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sicians as to the merits of Neurosine and I recommend it to those

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cal Library in San Antonio. — Drs. ^l. J. Bliem, J. Y. Spring and

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then became excited and talked incoherently. When admitted she

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such a mild degree of stimulation and astringency as to pro-

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Charles W. Stiles. Difficulties in obtaining ages: popular ignor-

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scopy, but not cystoscopy), and methods of treatment. Daily,

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are three procedures which demand paramount attention — diet,

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only time during a period of several days when she said anything which

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nunciation. She answered correctly simple questions, such as

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9 a. m. to 10 a. m., and operations, 11 a. m. to 12 m.

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of the infectious diseases. Hahnemann's homoeopathy is something

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the medically useless contrast of mental and physical. — Journal

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The age of the patient is perhaps not so important as the relative

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