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the virtues of rosemary were formerly very great, although

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(ii.) So far, no appreciable results have been obtained by the hypnotic

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guinea which no doubt was paid reluctantly for advice so ex-

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daughters, the elder of whom (Anne) became Viscountess

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some help, as it undoubtedly does in certain other skin diseases ; but we

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It is generally the case that a beautiful woman is married to

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in conditions associated with nerve-degeneration, such as leprosy, syringo-

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herpetiformis ; (iii.) H. pruriginosa, of which the two latter at all events

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described. Abnormal sensations about the head — of weight, pressure,

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the seeing of two or even of more (polyopia) images with one eye, is

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the medical art, who, in this country, taught his pupils from

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A deflection sum of 5 divisions for 1 mg is a convenient sensitivity.

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