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Particular Reference to Diagnosis and Treatment. Second Edition,

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the hands of some clinicians. For the cases with marked hyper-

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There are two ways to start a rhubarb bed: Fmit bv ml«„

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of bile salts, and that under these conditions an active endotoxin is

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A Handbook of Practical Treatment. In three volumes. Edited by John

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the physician and the charity organizer to go their own ways,

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Study, Oxford, Blackwell Scientific Publications, 1975, p. 214.

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Discussion of Morphological Results : It might be an-

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amounts under sympathetic stimulation. The hypothesis of Cannon and

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skill as a surgeon extended his reputation far beyond our city. Later

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F. Hobson; Library Committee, C. A. Hamann ; Finance Committee, B. L.

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with lenses, or whether or not there has been a sig-

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the "natural" it is probable that the standard "synthetic" brands are also

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in general the size of the meal is only little changed, whether the

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many cases being toward asphyxia, to me these facts are

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of Traffic and Transportation. II, Hygiene of Street and Tramway

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produced by the former. The excess of the enzyme is stored

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doubt transmitted blood during the life of the animal, and

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rectal opening is in most cases too high to turn aside in any way and

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give positive reactions as cited by W. T. C. is largely erroneous, as Wasser-

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mary, considers ignatia the very best tonic we have, and

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or over the danger from this source is a very real one; but

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above the poverty line, and $213 for a poor person ac-

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recurred at intervals of about two years, the last attack

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cal adviser when life itself may be in jeopardy is still

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ing on charges of malfeasance or nonfeasance preferred

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David Chan, M.D., F.R.C.PJC.), and Joseph T. Aquilina, M.D., F.A.C.P.

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of herniated disk in 10 cases. In the remaining case,

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Medical Ethics since that time, and Secretary of the Medical Faculty from

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and Syphilis, Including Their Surgery and Treatment. By Charles S.

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substantial, having been built originally and used as the convent

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