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been observed, usually coming on in the latter part of the attack of typhoid
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obtained. It was supposed that the bacilli were conveyed from one child
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parietal and diaphragmatic pleura. Irritation of any of the terminal branches
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regard for the survival of the fittest to make this so, if the
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alarmingly high death-rate of tracheotomy, commenced his experiments on
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may co-exist, but in the absence of definite bacteriological findings the
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patients the otitis may appear during convalescence and be the cause of an
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destruction of the cholera vibrio takes place in sunshine only when air is
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proper remedies. There is no known drug that has a specific action. In the
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Dr. Wilkins, after referring to a case of albuminuria which
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Only a limited amount of steam is required. A continued steam bath has
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test-tube experiments the same phenomena are obsen^ed. It would appear
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and cachectic families, through this fortunate peculiarity of
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and the prostration severe. Investigation revealed the fact that there was
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even four children of a family were affected. The author, in some of these
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nature of the soil upon the incidence of acute rheumatism is another point of
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animals; even Griinbaum's experiments with monkeys and a chimpanzee
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in consequence of diphtheritic or necrotic processes, it is blackish-red with
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There are all grades between this and a condition in which the patient is
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with smallpox. Two of the students contracted smallpox, both of them
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is severe, limited mostly to the region of the bubo. Pain continues until the
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^American Journal of the Medical Sciences, 1904, page 803.
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spondence between the fluid ingested and that cast out of the
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and Hutchinson represent more nearly the actual conditions
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large amount of tissue and the necrosis extends to the bone. This is espe-
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uncommon. The character of the symptoms differs naturally according to
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the pain is variable. It may disappear within a few hours or last for several
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and is himself the strongest possible argument for those to
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The influence of occupation upon the frequency of pneumonia is shown
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record in this series was after one sudden hemorrhage of nearly a liter when
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others. For a more detailed description the reader is referred
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especially as regards prophylaxis, for these very mild attacks may not be
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is injected with one-half a cubic centimeter of toxin and an
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about in no other way, wdthout experimental inoculation. It is of the utmost
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