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tubes, in true croup, and of the inflammation of the fauces, air-passages ;

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symptoms of disease are rapidly disappearing. The patient can

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the brain, becoming calcareous and consequently brittle, sometimes give

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Under these circttmstances, Dr. M. devised the little spindle-

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Jinterea according to the Act of Congress, in the year iStS. bv

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coroner that it would be necessary to make a' regular anatomical

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but, exceptionally, with high febrile movement, there is much heat of the

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the hard nodules are lobules which have never been inflated. They retain

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feet, tuberculosis is almost unknown ; and especially is this true of villages

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'^ She sent for me on the 16th of this month, complaining of

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(ONE FLUID DRACHM)— represents the Anodyne principle of <f>

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of small masses, or beads, situated especially at the base or near the ex-

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duced. The bromides in full doses sometimes afford marked relief.

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of mineralogy, geology, organic remains, zoology, anatomy, ethno-

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or deep punctures are attended with a risk of being followx^d b}^ gangrene.

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