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the infraspinatus muscle and apparently of the teres minor.
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in 5 cases of widespread parametral exudate, found a
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672,454. Pasteurizing machine. Nelse N. Nelson, Ann Arbor,
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surgical specialty. The general scope of Db. Van de Wabkeb's
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previous week. In Bombay City 714 deaths occurred, and in
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ipreseDted by Invitation at tbe Kxposttlon of Dlaf^ostlc
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cephalad of the motor zone, chiefly give psychic symptoms of
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118 'Chronic Inflammation of the Tear Passages. Willis O. Nance.
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erosions and absorptions of tubercular hip disease, is
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known are dangerous, that they may determine inflam-
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decided improvement in all the diseases in the treatment of
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* Read at a meeting of the Chicago Laryngologlcal and Cllma-
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in the cities as of those in the towns and country dis-
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refers entirely to the middle zone of the body, and shows
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point. There were extensive lacerations of the gluteal
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the dilatation of the right auricle. Teissier has found from
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writers now maintain that nearly every instance of pelvic
is suprax a sulfa drug
Finally, I desire to draw attention to the excellent re-
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Operation was performed on September 1, under ether an-
cefixime tablets
tions abate. Consciousness is usually present in the at-

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