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amount of equipment they had lavished on these wards and their clean-
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the snow being five feet deep in some places, and writes behind a
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disease. Forty-four of these cases had primary syphilis, and, of
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me that the practical parts of medicine are not taught so well now as
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of face ; tongue as yesterday. Applicentur Eirudines xx. temporibus, —
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were slight edema of the face and eyes and no marked dyspnea. The latter
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miraculous. The case began with the common symptom of " bilious
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time after the attack ; but even where they are not exposed to cold, the
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in pains of the Spleen, Sides and Stomach, efpecial-
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" The question now was, what were we to do ? We dared not apply
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"Short and frequent drills should be given in preference to long ones, which are
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scarlatina some time ago, and had been dropsical for a week or ten days
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Physic (volume 2, p. 667, 1st edition), fully adopted these opmions.
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illusions. Dr. Stokes and I now determined to lay aside medicine and
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very difficult, is, that simple gonorrhoea may co-exist with urethral
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The attention of the society was called to the peculiar form of an-
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have here to contend with two affections of a very serious character —
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latter exists only in the nerves of the brain and vertebral column.
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fied, and contained small masses which the microscope showed to be
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eating vegetables, to live on animal food and bread, and not to take
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or middle aged. In the former class of patients, also, the lung occa-
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difficult to replace ; usually has four or five stools per day ; health
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the same as does Dr. Goelet, leaving it there some-
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vacuolization of the cytoplasm in 25. The opening through the cyst wall appears in 22 and 24
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drawer is still well filled with material from some of our best physicians.
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scarcely half-finished when all at once he felt indisposed, every trace of
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A.M., by the Vice-President, J. P. Paine, M.D. The following can-
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The Mortality from, and the Diminution of Abdominal
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gauze as a splint in surgical cases, and read the history of two opera-
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tom occurred in two other cases, one of bilious dysentery, the
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bility of the occurrence of coma, &c., during the hfe of that patient.
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both in England and Scotland, by the habits of the inhabitants and
other uses of caverta

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