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2. A'dritd Acid. The name given by Bergmann to carbonic acid,

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SA'CER. Sacred ; a term applied to diseases foimerly supposed to

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uterine system as a general tonic and antispasmodic,

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are quite as long as the bacilli of mouse septicaemia.

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duce in contiguous substances an electric state opposite th its own.

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heart are thickened at the expense of the cavities, this state is termed

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The following are some of the diseases' in which lEX'y X>3E^.OXjiEX!lXr!E3 is indicated:

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SPERM ATOCE'LE (airippa, airippaTO's, semen, and ici/Xti, a

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A teaspoonful every one to three hours, according to

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otlier plants, from whose juices they derive their nutriment, a circum-

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(1950): F. Garrett Pipkin, Kansas City (1951); Emmett Settle.

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the crusts are e-xactly circular in shape; in fav us conferlus, they are

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in the high survival rate in this series. It should

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bodies, of admitting the passage only of certain species of calorific rays.

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“ reduced indigo,” is formed by a combination of hydrogen with indigo-

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ALPMA-O'RCEIN. Dr. Kane finds the orcein of archil to be often

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in a correlation of programs and plans will result in an

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MYKO'LOGY (/ru/o|s, a fungus, \dy 09 , an account). That branch

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situated below the stomach. The two regions of this zone,

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fluids. It varies from 54 to 60, or even 64 per cent over proof , in the

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a column or current of fluid directed to, or made to fall U|ion, some part

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rior clinical advantages possessed by this College." For

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from beintr the eighth in the series of homologous alcohols.

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15. Neuro-tiea. Nervous medicines; a term synonymous with

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It is a matter of cautiously feeling one’s way along.

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It is not until the volume has been carefully read, and perhaps re-read, that its true

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by Configuration. Its organ is placed at the inner corner of the arch of

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Odors from Perspiration, etc. Speedy Relief by Using

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rami viminei, or caulis vimineus, &c. See Virgate.

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EXSriRPA'lTON {c,vslirj)are, to eradicate, from stirps, a root).

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Pliny’s term for medicines which counteract the formation of calculus

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bend and e.xtend the thigh, and turn it upon its axis. Tliey form, as it

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. 10. Oxy-hydrogen blow-pipe. An apparatus for burning a jet of hydro-

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[CINE'TICA] (kiu(u>, to move). Medicinal agents which affect the

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a sheath, and so the vagina, ptw, to flow). A term proposed by Dr.

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rapidly corroded by acid vapours. The term is a misnomer.

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