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The caloric or douching tests are more difficult to
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.Anatomy to the University of Melbourne, and Examiner
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of the rectum was fairly low — i.e., about four inches above
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siderable jieriod. The hospital's association of phy-
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Let some well known Medical Institution become the Pioneer in
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in the legal circles than in any other branch of so-
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might have sufficed to produce the rupture. As to the treat-
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change in the affected nerve ; and they do so best when injected
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strongly on this point. In Great Britain, the Chancellor
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the arch support is fitted, whereas the change that
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locks the gates of heaven." that is the gates of th':-
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sixteenth day, and in Summer it occasionally drops on the thirteenth
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result from this disease, which in itself is an impor-
cardura xl 4 cena
short intervals, should be used in the conveyance of
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If the whole work cannot be done at one sitting, on
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Was not beyond the eighth montti, and who Was exhausted by a very
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quite sufficient even when the direction of the track
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In a majority of cases in little colts no treatment
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colored. In azoturia, in horses, it varies in color from
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vidual " (Bland Sutton). Accordingly, in this class should
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as sticks, pieces of bone, etc., which, if found, should
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ever, before he has uttered a last ringing arraign-
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from this variation the following standard had been
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parte, is difficult at the beginning. The recumbent posi-
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vantage of a driver, or to get from under his control;
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1906 Gibson, M. J., M.D., Univ. Dub., Master Coombe Hospital, 74
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but it can safel)' be slated that there exists a much
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rabbit's blood into a syringe containing three mils
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ture at 8 p.m. reached 105° F., and she had a rigor, her
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or a rupture of the bladder. In the latter case the

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