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yellowish atheromatous elevations it appears normal.

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liinsi certain, hii\M\er. that thesi- icsiilts are iint t rust wort liy. 'I'liils,

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The Report of the Autopsies in Two Cases Dving in the Gynecological

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of kidney disease would be diagnosed which at present are never

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United States in the Chinese quarter of San Francisco

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quarantined will make it difficult to get American certificates to the

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ing of fractures and the use of traction and suspension

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Although a cancer detection center represents a case- finding clinic to which only persons who are free from

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inches from the skin surface. A radium burn the size of a quarter appeared

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Cholecystitis, Canadian M.A.J. 32:283 (March) 1935.

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ganisms; (2) tends to hold gas formation, distention and diarrhea to a

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16. Idem.: The Surgical Treatment of Patients Fifty Years

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Misocollstrietinc' cfi'ect of cpilie|)lirille does not liei-niui' cIe\floped on the

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project. A comprehensive index of dairy literature would be of

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nature is not well understood despite the general increase of knowledge

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to have retained only a slight amount of beading, owing to the effect

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several weeks to reproduce black brood through the feeding of pure cul-

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quest of many clinicians for use in conditions where the soluble dressing is

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