Capoten Interactions
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and surgery for the final M.B. and CM. were begun, and
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The annual report of the Middlesex Hospital for l?i*i, presented on
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mechanism of action of captopril (capoten)
upon a very chronic trouble about the caecum, and led to a
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centage of severe cases was 81 ; the chances of a bad attack
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with Salvatore Tommasi, who was destined to take an equally
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means to obtain practice, we believe that we express the general
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band of stuff suiTOunding the head two hard bodies fell down, which
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not been proved to exist, therefore I should not do more than
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the apices of each spine directed towards the distal end of
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ciation of his many good qualities and services rendered to
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40, 40, 30, 10, 8. 6, and 2 years ago, and in three instances
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HOESFALL, Henry, M.D.St..\nd., M.R.C.S.Eng., reappointed Medical
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ject i those Bations which during the troubles of last year had
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Surgeon-Major W. T. Johnston, M.D., serving in the Madras Command,
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fearing contagion for the other patients. At the Hotel Dieu
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At least, we shall not speod much time in proving this position to our
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tions to the iledical Superintendent, County Asylum. Miekiei,ver,
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found whereby the services of these men, who have already
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St. George's, //ours o/' .4 ((c/uicijifc.— Medical and Surgical, M. Tu. F. 9„
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which that distinguished physician has the secret. He tells
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to render them available for the further advancement of
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having remained at work iu large establishments. A hospital has at last
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attachment, and then to pare away the fragment still left
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was more or less defective in 121 : in all but 2-^ of these hearing was
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during the recess. The warning to dentists, prepared by the
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then operation is only admissible for the relief of pain, and
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is transferred to the medical charge ef the 5th Bombay Light Infantry.
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Manchester ; J. B. Brash, University College ; C. D. F. Buruev,
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that persons who have been convicted of drunkenness a
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the chapel is to be found in its height, the convection currents
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lege, U.S.A., of which at the lime of his death he was Dean,
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Epidemiolooical Society of London, 8 p.m.— Dr. S. Monckton Cope-

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