Canine Moist Dermatitis Cephalexin Dosage
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money should be spent in experiments which are very likely

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upwards of ten and a quarter millions of persons in the middle of this

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Stead, Birmingham ; Dr. J. H. P. Staples, London ;Dr. J. B. Sanderson,

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or 23 per cent., caught the disease, whilst of the 736 unvacci-

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to some of the details which are given without qualification.

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tentious nature, it knocked at the doors of St. Stephen for

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flammation affecting both sides of the diaphragm, and a

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rate of mortality in these towns, which had been 22.7 and 23.1 per 1.000

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entirely to remove the cricoid cartilage and growth, the two

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There had been no report of an independent sanitary expert in 1891.

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advertised under own his name, and the name of the Midland

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some of the obscure nervous diseases from which some

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Next we come (p. lii) to an interesting table giving " the

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medical men and the registrar. In natural death the medi-

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rhal enteritis starting about the caecum. The eftect of this

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applied with much stronger force than anywhere else —

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densed to be of much use for profitable study. On the other

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Enfield; Mr. .1. Boss, London; Mr. E. Ruck, Robertsbridge ; N. E.

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previously swallowed, came to the same conclusion. These

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they wished to refer to the circumstances of the recent with-

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course can alone prevent the terrible fatalities which are so regularly

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months to 120 cases. Most of the victims have been navvies employed on

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O'Farrell, Queen's College, Cork, and Catholic University Medical

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-opinion, failed. His so-called intermediate stages have often

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George T. Bishop, Surgeon to the Galatea, Ma,y .ird ; C. W. Sharples,

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generally popular. He had not contributed much to pro-

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call black black and white white, and we shall upon all occasions

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tenderness in left ovarian region ; uterus of normal size

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to :v2.'i per 1,000, while it averaged oJ.5 in the thirty two provincial towns,

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the hops appear to set up a condition similar to the so-called

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which that distinguished physician has the secret. He tells

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Mr. Heath, in reply, thought that if the forceps were re-

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when cross reference is made in the letterpress. Many of tlie

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We are not disposed to advocate very early rising as the most suitable

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hardly upon officers of a department which has only one officer at certain

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Sir W. Fosteh: Well, a very good test on this point is

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A meeting of the Committee of the Association of Fellows of

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tellows of the Royal Colleee of Surgeons of England was held

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