Military Urinalysis Finasteride
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chronic influenza bronchitis. These cases are too> few in number

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for a few moments. I had not supposed that Mr. Lount, in view of his statement to the

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The method used finally was one analogous to the hypnoidal

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Arts prescribed for students at the end of the first year, shall entitle such

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Eyes. — There may be present retinal hemorrhages, as in per-

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clinically demonstrated from this method of administration that

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I should hesitate to present this rather trite subject for your

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brought up ; and I wish to say that if this Council attempts to go before the Legisla-

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brain tumor; twenty-four following birth or infantile palsies of one

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Dr. William L. Patterson, class of 1909, B.U.S.M., has finished his serv-

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Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Manitoba have done so.

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voted to his health, that by proper regulation of his work, diet, rest and ex-

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ing, bringing to rich and poor alike the latest discoveries con-

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is mixed with one third to one half its bulk of milk-sugar and in

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cancer. He claimed that cancer is due to local irritation usually

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judgment. It is the one quality that, above all others, makes

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tive attendants, because of interference with vacation periods, but

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a spirit of enthusiasm for our school and its institutions is en-

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which stands digitalis or the vaso-dilators as nitro-glycerin and

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few diseases not originally caused by them or at sometime ag-

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compensation with the symptoms of arsenic. He lays special

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you see fit for a couple of weeks. Then begin the mercury again,

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those in the highest society of the past under all the most im-

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moved to Amesbury, Mass. In his last year there Dr. Hines had a $3000

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elderly subjects with reference to their place in the general

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The family, be it small or large, which has not that luxury,

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SCESS AND THE TENDENCY THERETO?— Robert E. Coughlin believes

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Dr. Spence— I certainly take exception to the ruling of the chair. I think, whilst it;

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Hospital, St. Louis; member of the American Medical Association, Illi-

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would be a serious matter if they got mixed, I don't know how serious.

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tion, that the epidermis would quite quickly coalesce and the period

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cording to the laws of causality, like, — fish, pond; day, night, etc.;

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I think it will be conceded by all present, as well as by all

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The possibility of milk as a source of danger and a means of

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Company ior a short time as one of their doctors. When notified by me that the Council

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profession is to save human life. I think I see him at one moment urging

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wrists and fingers somewhat swollen, painful, slightly red at

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great. The synthetic chemist is constantly turning out a mass

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opinion of the committee, to reject these words, " there shall be no discussion held thereon."

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of treating patients who were unable to tell what they were suffering from, by remedies of

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detected by elevating the arm so that the muscles will be placed

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have been content to say off hand — "Oh, it's epilepsy and cannot

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