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the skull. I have had no experience with Krause's circular saw actuated
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congestion of the nerve-head and retina, but in which a well-marked
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profession to attend the meetings of a medical society,
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The Pathology of the Jews. M. Krgtzmeb. — ^The ex-
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Division I., on the Infant at Term ; Division II., on Normal Develop-
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very few sinks or other conveniences in the houses inhabited by the
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and without definite details as to the manner of inocu-
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cles led to exposure of sciatic nerve for purposes of stretching and the nerve
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As soon as the uterus has emerged an assistant immediately brings the
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of the external ocular muscles. Speech was normal. The anterior tibial
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cells. It is of special interest that in one and the same muscle-buiuMc vari-
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pletely cured in one case in ten minutes. The patient could
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The tumor was incised, and 1500 c.cm. of dark bloody fluid removed. Micro-
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tion, previous to performing the operation. Operation Febru-
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The appendix and glands were removed. The appendix was
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There is a cut-off switch fastened to the wall, also a
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material, but the soup prepared from this meat should not be allowed. Carbo-
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corset a protection against dislocation of the liver rather than
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i> strongly advocated by means of glass tubes, the latter to be inserted
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probability of the mortality in the towns being able to be reduced
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Mctlieal C!»ngruss. The iuiprovcnicnt can «iuly be Inimitiit,
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enlargement, results in flaccidity of the muscles of the lower extremities
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shock, while again they are apparently the result of viol-
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umbilical, operative treatment Hyperacidity (9) 1659. (14) 1734 Imbecility with dolichocepiialy
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show distinct but rather slow motion and growth. They are stained best in
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phasized, and also the usefulness of strychnine by hypodermatic injec-
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hood of the occurrence of post-operative ventral hernia.
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most any locality, the truth is patent that very many
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the entire extent of the cord they are to be seen, but especially in the
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what improved, but not by following out our present faulty sanitary
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The differential count is remarkable in several respects. Previous to
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of peptone. Furthermore, other albumins must first be removed or
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Railroad Committee of the Ophtbalmologlcal Section on Examina-
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.are, that the peritoneal cavity is closed without delay, and
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occurred. The patient made a slow but uninterrupted recovery.
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proportion of thf former, however, corroborates Naegeli's as-
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contraindicated. In the treatment of chronic hy[)ertrophy of the ton-
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lected the best opinions upon the subject, that he has drawn from the
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edies found. But as I have said, no hardship to the
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and was looking well, but had had some pain in left leg within

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