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have found Payer's and Brunner's glands, and the Lord only

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local congestion, but experience has taught me that no reliance

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Session 12: Planning for Pregnancy / Educator's Guide Page 3 of 8

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climates. Indeed, many facts exist, going to show that extreme cold

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ink underneath. Other MSS. have this name, as, e.g., V. 1. 13.

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nor coinciding perfectly with what others have said, will, I trusty

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ligament to the knee, there was extreme hyperemia. The under

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perilous, and, in this particular case, owing to the great obesity,

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others; but we rather think we have seen them all accomplished by those

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minds of larger calibre, to bear upon the subject, I hope, Mr.

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esse ratas . ad prelia trudit inermem | Sollicitis animis onus eximit. ac docet artes. | Fecundi

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discharge of obstetrical duty; in no case would we testify so cheer-

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progress. While, therefore, the spirit of system which has, for

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The last fly-leaf at the front also has two paragraphs :

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of 1,333 cases of persons who have committed suicide, and whose bodies

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X : Long since. I was informed that a gentleman received an account

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tinal vessels, and, consequently, to prevent the occurrence of in-

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compte rendu de l'expérience et de leur expliquer pourquoi la tromperie était

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be usedj'no man is entitled to take the law into his own hands ;

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M. Cullerier advised some camphor to be added to the rhubarb, if pos-

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The high value of this mode of medicinal administration is obvi-

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footing with those of the army — let them occupy that standing to which

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Remarks : The leaves are formed of pairs of sheets of Russian foolscap paper pasted together

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leading to inability to work, is sometimes the symptom for

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oxydes of lead, are employed; and sometimes, by design, the

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efit; not the smallest discharge of urine followed* The pulse, with the

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as far back between the jaws as I could, turning it as much as

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iv, 1. 2. made together, iv, 3. made, iv, 4. attached. Two marbled-paper fly-leaves

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"In the evidence of some of the most distinguished physicians and

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Watman. Here follows prescription of three lines, below which in a XIV. Cent hand : liber

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virtues in epilepsy and other kindred diseases. Like all other

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Librarian. The Lectures are on anatomy, operative surgery, the making of preparations

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