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altered valves. It is not, however, confined to the fibro-serous
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deaths to admissions, we iind that they were in Agra, 38*33 ,• in
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influences, (3) a purely mechanical irritation, (4) nervous causes (coryza
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two brothers are living. One brother is in delicate health. Two
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cases of cardiac feebleness with gouty tendencies — with corpulency,
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gregation as an important cause of mortality in the Dublin Hospital.
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of hospitals, is now generally considered to be so objectionable that
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survives the first period of shock, the accidents, irritation, and
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Six or eight returns only — and in no case more than seventy
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but whether the death was due to the operation or to natural causes
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epithelium for the most part natural. Only in a few of the con-
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The Medical Committee appointed by the Senate to consider and report upon
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will generally bear to the whole number, but I cannot allow myself
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merely underlies the other. However, there are two significant
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If the kidneys are found to be intact, morphine is given, preferably
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large amounts as von Noorden advises.] Mutton, perhaps better boiled,
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to them, may be kept up during a slight recurrence of the disease.
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ciency. So long as these processes continue, they may destroy the effect
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The subject of marriages of consanguinity is handled in a sensible
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place themselves as radii around a common centre, and thus fuliil
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after the introduction of the sac. It will be seen that the animals
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Other disinfectants have other ratios of increase with increasing
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Legumin, vetch. — The finely ground seeds were treated with three times their
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found that in ulcerative endocarditis its effects are at all to be relied
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of pelvic inflammation might possibly be prevented by a proper re-
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man as his steward, attorney, lawyer, coachman, or even as his
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hands were too heavy. He said he had a prickling feeling in the

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