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reason was a very foolish one— to prevent pneumonia as

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We cannot close without expressing a thought which will

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Mediterranean ports ; if any case of cholera had occurred during

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preparations, so we believe it is perfectly right and proper

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avoid them, instead of admitting them and then trying

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in all other outdoor experience, the patient must be per-

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tion. By the advice of Prof. v. Q-raefe, who was then in Diisseldorf,

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discharged from the urethra, the rectum, or the stomach. He

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relation to the different causes of hard cough in the two

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wash their genitals ; and I doubt not, many men have ulcers on the

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and never swollen and red, as it is in smallpox, "^o suppuration ever takes place.

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era has arrived. Lister and his followers believed the air

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structural arrangements for absorption in the small intestine, and

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son, differing therein from Chomel and Dr. Law, to whatever obstructs the circu-

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1863 would be continued throughout the succeeding series of

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To conclude j how much it is to be regretted that we have not

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among the younger generation? Why didn't our grand-

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were contracted at Malta^ at the Piraeus^ and at Smyrna, in all

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to which the Poor Law Commissioners have drawn attention, in

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