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and is threefold, viz. 1 . Filix Fcemina vulgaris , Our

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by associated organic defects or functional disturbances exhibited by

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to Hospital duty. He performed this so vigorously, and intro-

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fmall Leaves, laid open, and a little turning at the

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Rhode Island, on " Tuberculosis and its Prevalence among Neat

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revealed the proper line of treatment; or some esthetic urge

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Thefe in their bulbous Roots, Leaves, Stalks, blow-

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Juice or Ejfence 3 parts, and ufed as an Errh'tne up

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above has been found by the Pathways near C/apham ,

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ing their ends or tops downwards, with a (ingle Leaf

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^Netter: Sereotherapie de la Poliomyelite, Bull, de VAcademie de Med.,

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tion of a doubt. The experiments and observations of such in-

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ing dry , to be often Sifted or Skreerid over , that

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cle. The Russian bear loves the cold of his cold climate.

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3 Hi Virtues of the Six laft Kinds , are in all re-

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this Plant grows not commonly in England, ttnlefs it

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Herculeus , Conftligo vegetij , Alfyrti Columellas tf

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clear, and the child is easily aroused. The older children always

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'part of the Summer , their Seed being ripe in June

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but a little paler than the former Spanifh kind, ha-

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plilh ; but with us it is only nourifh’d up in Gar-

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of the Leaves clofely together, which are leffer than

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refembitng Liver-wort, of a fad purplijh Color, which

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better adapted to his advancing years and recognized abilities.

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fet about the edges with whitilh fmall long Hairs ^

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and the red more or lefs circling the middle of the

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Last year when writing a paper on the same subject I under-

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Sores, it cleanfes, dries up the moifture, and indu-

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