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by means of a double roller which unrolls in opposite directions. One

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one-half a minuto ; then stain with water sohitioii of mctliyl l)lue ; treat

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lobules upon its surface between which run deep fissures. The lobulations

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the closure of Wharton's duct — ranula, encysted hydrocele and galac-

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when the administration of stimulants should be commenced.

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is not uncommon, and is usually due to sepsis. Where the wound is

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irritation from a hard vegetation may cause it. Acute aortitis is usually of

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itant rales and bronchial respiration ; in pulmonary oedema the dulness is

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Irreducible Hernia. — In this variety there exists some impediment

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cases are marked by nausea, vomiting, and diarrhcea. The frequency with

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nective-tissue with elastic fibres, immediately beneath the cardiac pericar-

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far oftener affected than women, the right kidney oftener than the left.

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or extend along down the inner side of the thigh, leg, and foot.

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tions. Although they do not properly belong to the primary disease, yet

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bone will be sufficient to warrant a diagnosis of involucrum. A bone

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does positive harm. There is no reliable evidence that local depletion by

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great service, especially if there have been pulmonary complications. It

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' Long cuntinued congestion of the heart, Jenner states, may lead to its indoration.

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ration, and by coldness of the extremities, from which condition the

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or an overloaded stomach is most frequently the source of the irritation.

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Age is an important element of prognosis. The period of greatest mor-

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those which occur in catarrh of other portions of the intestinal canal. The

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children, for the reason that evulsion of the growth by the intra-laryngeal

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general circulation and perhaps into the distant tissues. The edge of

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phthisis.' Morphia in small doses — one-twentieth of a grain hypoder-

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thereafter. If suffocation threaten at an early stage of the disease, free

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open inward and give rise to cardiac aneurism. As a rule the cheesy prod-

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whose occupation subjects them to sudden, repeated changes of temper-

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becomes bloody in the urethra. The bladder may be suspected as the seat

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at its anterior margin. Tlie gall-bladder is tender on tirm pressure. Late

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tion produced by the respiratory movements. There are few cases where

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attending physician should await the development of secondary symp-

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all food, and becomes peevish or languid and aj);ithetic. Purging is always

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rounded and smooth, and the capsule becomes opaque and thickened. Upon

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Various internal remedies have been used to favor the formation of a

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the intestinal walls. This is called " chronic tyi^hlitis." A local perito-

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the first week of the disease, the presence of the rose-colored spots is neces-

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tissue. These larger air-sacs communicate with the bronchi, w^hich are

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rise to the many varieties of valvular , , ^,. . theritic Endc-caruitis.

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general, there are symptoms of collapse, and the anxious face, thoracic respi-

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2d. Internal antipyretics include all those substances which have been

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introduction of a bougie will determine the seat, ± f2^rV^Z'r7o/%ZZf^^^

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nerves, etc. In pronounced cases of chronic rheumatism, affecting sev-

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present in most of the specific fevers, especially in scarlatina. Improper

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Lartingeal disease nuiy be recognized by the vocal changes. A physical

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