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sclerosis with normal or low tension, and again there is high

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wisely upon this well-constructed foundation; that friends have

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Sec. 5. That within the Department of Health there shall be the fol-

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testinal indigestion, but giving the patient all he can take care of

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pel of new courage and right living to everybody he meets. People

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Memorial (West Department Mass. Homoeopathic Hospital), Brighton.

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Ryerson and Dr. Osier, and others who are eye specialists and advertise, and in that way

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Dr Thorburn presented and read the report of the Board of Examiners.

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tion of the leg, can for flexion and extension of an artificial limb

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1896, stopped us, therefore we dare not do it again. Does this Council not know, or is

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are constantly replacing those that are destroyed and cast aside ;

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the doctor she thought she had had a "shock," and got restless

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growths, strictured conditions, retroverted uteri, pregnancy, and

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caused it to light up and spread somewhat. This theory, however,

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body it must be remembered that their influence on the nervous

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in Bright's disease, and causes choked disks. But once eliminate

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We prescribed for rich patients more freely than for poor, gave them what would cost

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time in the life of the individual should attention be given to this

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Possibly the location of the exhibits in the basement was un-

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McDonald of New York has employed a solution of two parts

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that ground in {he past ; three years ago, when I first came to the Council, I asked for the

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and Surgeons of Columbia University and the Presbyterian Hospital, The

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5. George C. Munroe, of Glanworth, asks for refund of examination fee. Recommended

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water, weeds, rocks, pebbles, shells, storm, cloud).

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I, Wm. Boyd, of the City of Toronto, in the County of York, do solemnly declare

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out distinction of school or denomination, have organized The Medical

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were essentially those as appeared in cases of senile dementia

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every couple applying for permission to be married by the Armenian church

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final but only one of progress. We consider the work to be merely

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life he disdained his homoeopathic associates, and left for the al-

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we have no right and no wish to criticise the conduct of the journals of the Province. But

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undergraduates and the Grand President. The Toastmaster was Conrad

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should not be compressed or touched in any way except at the point chosen

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The other patient, a man, came into the Hospital this Spring. The

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before the Council or in Committee of the Whole. If you make the committee too large it

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are to be seen each day, and where the eye and other senses of the student

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and outward into the constrictor of the pharynx. Recent study

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Dr. G. J. Palen, of Philadelphia, can be depended upon to put their shoul-

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