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already become operative, and available income to the

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chest affections, and in rheumatic cases, as it is scarcely possible to be

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Kngland and Ireland just at the time, and possibly by some modifica-

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William Y. Pratt, South Carolina, Acute Rheumatism. Total, 163.

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Means of wanning have been introduced into parts of

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Harvey, who was himself deceived by the individual naming scarlet correctly on one or

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as to be taken in charge by their friends, and ten were

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" AboQt three days before death, there was a tumefaction, containing air, about

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\a.dy has presented the sum of two hundred and fif-

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of M. Payen and M. Persoz, with regard to the chemical relations of fecula.

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Cornea, several tortuous varicose vessels running over it; three broad super-

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however, it often extends to the forehead, temples, chin, eyelids, and other re-

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and motor fibres than exists in the spinal cord. In very many cases, how-

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of Rir,h P r CO Antnm-Medical Officer. Public Vaccinator, and Registrar

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of patients ; up to that time the certificate of a single

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amount of animal and vegetable life in a minute form to be found in cer-

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the disease, the termination; and lastly, the remarks suggested by each method

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her present government has been of so short duration, and her people, as a

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The medical officers of the convict prisons are in a position to make

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abled the sufferer to enjoy the benefits of the Hospital

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break since 1S49 lias afforded additional data to substantiate them.

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The Board desire to express its grateful appreciation

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public and we are merely their custodians. Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing tliis resource, we liave taken steps to

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rotundity; but an irregular projection existed at its upper front part which rotated

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its provisions. A blank form has also been prepared

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The reduction in the cost of what are called the nec-

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morphic changes of time, to come forth in a persistent form, in the end-

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in a boy who had sutTered a severe burn on the back. He got one or

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in by rigors, followed by heat and sweating, were very likely to be, and often

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nidus in which the infectious element might nestle and fructify, and

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The quantity of intestine down was a loop of about eight or ten inches. The

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