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ing effecr on the central nervous system. Its administration
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largely from the observations of British investigators. In
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and expense is generated by incorporating routine BP mea-
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and patient is relieved of obstruction, and is able to get up to-
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The physician’s “father” role directs empathic energy
bladder as a sequela to blunt abdominal trauma. Va Med 104:233,
the effects of combination therapy with dutasteride and tamsulosin on clinical outcomes
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panied by coarse grating in the joint ; no osteophytes in
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an opinion to the Editor. The final decision is reserved for the
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vessel as to permit pulsation in the aneurism ; at all events the
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being composed of six serous ones, compacted together, and the
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nurse practitioners and physicians’ assistants. 9 The data
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Artery, subclavian, case of ligature of, for axillary aneurism ; slip-
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9. Food in shallow pans cools much faster than food in deep
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medicine generally: The public is beginning to demand
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those discoveries;^' or, "whether he meant by it to give up to
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nation of their absence. The joints in the third case were
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only take place out of the body of the bearer, and at a lower

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