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in the child's stomach when it was given. He suggests that

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after exposure to formalin-vapor, there results a new chemical body possess-

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he turns to "rum loaded with fusel-oil," in the Philippines to

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and therapeutics are subtracted be rearranged by the House of

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though its occurrence is comparatively rare and its

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cylic acids were used locally on account of their known antibacterial effect,

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hand, those adulterants which are indicated on the label and

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number of cells it contains, as compared with the other

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scribed by Schueller, and designated by him as para-

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hernia may vary with the varying contents of the stom-

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than that of a corresponding percentage of pure alcohol, thus indicating

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substitution of cold sponging. However, his experience shows that there are

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tion of a saturated solution of copper sulphate and pulverized

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from lack of appreciation of the necessity, or because some patients cannot

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tion of the kidney affection, the attack being brought on by a wine-dinner.

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or inexperienced practitioner, who refers to it, will often be greatly dis-

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look (juite normal. In fact, with the exception of the excessive vascu-

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during lalx)r, the serous lochia appearing earlier with women who had ether

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hand, it was contended that he undertook the treatment of the

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already present in the medium begin to grow the cells

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than a contraindication to the treatment, as the cells

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the cervix was not amputated, I was unable to make a microscopical ex-

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power of inhibiting to a greater or less degree the functions of the secreting

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found after exploration with the sharp spoon and the forceps, but only

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the botly ; that either as the result of fatigue or overwork, or from

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cervical glands but slightly enlarged, axillary and inguinal affected to a

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its way to the brain-substance " are the valuable result of the united eftorts

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vestigation of the effects of training. instigated by the Harvard

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61 L.eucocythemla and Pernicious Anemia in North Dakota.

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