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young woman. His experience of abdominal cancer was very
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for only this could produce such an induration round the
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Board. Modifications of the order may become necessary for
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is considered ; the second gives an account of their laboratory
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solution injected with the object of clearing the eye of the
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College, Swansea ; and for instruction in chemistry, including
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^'^ Lajfei, li. ^9. 188it 0*>-ervat,ions on Blood in Anreraia.
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casioned by the pouch, and in the fact that, in more than half
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cost the country £43,290. A continuance of sucli an epidemic
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operator becomes aware that it is possible to complete the
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College. Birmingham ; G. A. W. Spear St Bartholomew's Hospital ;
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edition, a brief review of which was published last week, by
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I'' Archiv f, fxpt. Path , xxviii, 256, ls9i , Ueher das Schicl^«al der in das
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Commissioners personally saw three cases of lepers of snme
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or the administration of milk obtained from large animals,
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remarks made during the discussion clearly showed that the
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Pbofessob, Huxley will deliver the Romanes Lecture at
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New Jersey State Legislature. A Bill has been introduced
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South w.ales and Monmouthshire Branch.— The next ordinary
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supply of waste water-pipe cisterns is derived from two cis-
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geon-Major D O'SuUivan, A. M.S., acts as Colonial Surgeon at Peuang ; Mr.
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Kong had to be posted to that station (Malta), and kept idle
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Hospital; F. C. R. M. Knight, Guy's Hospital; J. R. Lambe"it,
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pale, and thin; 3,079 were reported by the teachers as being
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the Alhambra, and it now stands almost entirely clear of the
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become lepers have partaken of fish. In India there are
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this opportunity of saying that the third number of the
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