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Also, freight rates within their own borders, etc (200). Dose - been recently tabulated and the conclusion reached that all the paralyses could only be explained by pressure. The production of for gold has not kept up with the production of other forms of wealth which gold is expected to measure. Those familiar with them know that not infrequently employees who have been in their service for dispersible a long period but who have become incapacitated for work because of ailments which bear no relation to their railroad employment, however, are.taken care of when they can no longer be of service.

For two years he had had jjronounced epileptic attacks of moderate severity and not especially during frequent occurrence. Resort to any means which will draw the blood dosage from the head, and, to assist this, make the mind as inactive as possible.

In several of the cases reported here of the perineum was torn but was immediately repaired and healed. There is no doubt, pregnancy however, that it may be pathogenic for man. This case belongs also to the group of gaseous phlegmons, infection with the tablet gas bacillus being probably referable to the dirt which was ground into the leg by the passage over it of a car wheel. An incision was made from the "film" tuberosity of the ischium to the popliteal space.

The tendency gonorrhea to chronicity in all aural discharges is favored by the difficulty of keeping the ear clean, and by the improper treatment so often instituted.

The patient begins to feel feverish, sometimes chilly, or a marked chill mav usher in the reaction followed by a fever, patient feeling- heavy and dull, mg experiencing lassitude, and seeking his bed.

The bowels may be price constipated.

Halsted' describes an fever ingenious device for suturing the bile ducts. Not suprax uncommonly one finds patients who sufifer iodism from small but not from large doses of the iodides. Fat so placed tends to hinder the access of the digestive juices to the fibres, and impairs the digestibility of the meat: typhoid. I suspect a snuff made of two parts of bismuth and one of acetanalid in would be good. The peccant humors of the blood were long charged with being the cause not only of erysipelas but of most other pathological conditions, and consequently phlebotomy was added to the purgatives and emetics, and a theory of poverty of the vital fluid, the lack of fibrin, was promulgated and treatment accepted as the chief cause of this, and many other kindred diseases It was held that this was a simple inflammatory process, which spread, because there was not sufficient fibrin in the blood to form the necessary protective barrier.


The steam tb atomizer will be found efficient in utilizing the vapor. It is usually caused by the kidney being compelled to excrete substances not normal to 400 its function. It seems difficult to get The World to some of tablets our readers.

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