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6. A third medical school feasibility study is being

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fort, convenience and adaptation, notably those at Janes-

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on Rules and Policies of Federal Administrative Agencies” whose “responsibility

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At entrance of left subclavian [innominate?] was another and larger rent

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beyond cancelling contracts for individuals and began

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accidents arising from the proverbial imprudence of college stu&nts that

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September 21-22 — American Academy of Pediatrics,

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York, and at Margaret Hague Hospital in New Jersey.

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« ^ .§ ;§ _S ~ > ^ .« ti-c .5 ;^ §5 C-^ ^S 1 S 5

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in a study of the effect of gasoline vapor in low con-

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construction are avaihible, the hospital drains are alwa3's con-

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file may result in their getting urgently needed funds, i

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ing with correspondence designed to assist in bringing

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friend ha^ described to me the case of one of his own children who

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in such a case as this it is one "germ" which produces diffe-

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quired for the patient to become pathogen-free. This,

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best result as regards the power of walking. The patient refused

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for the mesh graft technic has increased tremendous-

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laxis of primary tuberculosis in the main. This is not

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other investigators. Gross atrial septal defects are uncommon, and no instance of

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nurses in the unit at all times. When they are going

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the left eye, where there is also loss of color-sense. In the right eye there

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there arise branching processes of connective tissue, in many places

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An association having for its object the advancement of scientific

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« K 5 £ s; ^ ^^s; ^ ^ s S; ^^^<i £ ^ s 1 !*i s; ^S ^; s^^

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January 31. — Temperature last night, 102^; this morning,

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ansemia. There was no external swelling, but on introducing the finger, the rectum

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are cases on record where such gangrene has taken place.

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mendation that Council give its approval to expanding

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tending under sternum to under right clavicle, and a vibratory thrill over

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a credited list, or be continued on it, dissatisfaction has been expressed;

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indeed rapid expansion and growth of Regional Medical '

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of morphine which had a very happy effect. She married

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standing localized about the appendix, the intestines glued together by thick

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