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pharyngeal, and bronchial mucous membrane, but of very variable intensity.
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from Dr. Johnstone's paper ; the same applies to the section on uterus
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^brought out by the investigation into the Workmen's Com-
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bedside ; however, it may be afiirmed that, although their Graafian vesicles
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temperature of 37° C, are injected into the back, between the scapulae, or
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cause of defects in the process of reasoning. One thing is to be
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cases were among the severer ones in the series ; two of them could not
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The patient was admitted to The Brooklyn Hospital March 7th,
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citis and the vascular disturbances and the blood changes of
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It might be of interest to say here that we all know how busy the
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of the entire work shows it to have been produced with great
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much jelly-like matter, but more pus; more of the coffee-ground
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St. Braun [Przeglad Lekarski, Nos. 40 and 41, 1889) reports a case of spon-
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unless we ascertain its source. In women it may come from the
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Artemieff {Zeitschriftfur Geburtshulfe und Oynakologie, Band xvii., Heft 2)
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tion of nearly fifty thousand among Southern negroes and not an ad-
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being even more fine, dry, and superficial, and often only evident on coughing.
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more than a competence, should be immensely helpful in elaborat-
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study carefully what has taken place in the last few years, you will
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Six hours after the bismuth meal all the bismuth remains in
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Ph. J)., M. D., with the assistance of the following contributors: Henry P.
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brium by reason of the irregular methods to which its followers
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and all that is then necessary is to watch the cornea and to see that the
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detection of stricture, it can not be too often reiterated that great
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estimates it at from 5 to 15%. When we include ureteral stones
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own sweet will in order to fill the ranks of scientific medicine with
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of periostitis, but 1 have found no cases recorded where a suppurative
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colostomy for acute lesions, such as inflammation, ulceration,
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difficulty was in the delivery of the heads ; therefore, if they were of
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sixty-two cases have now been reported. In the first twenty the silk ligatures
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employees they had become. This is the system which is now being
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girls and women the irritational eye-strain reflex that normally or physiologically would
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of iodoform gauze ; there should be ready sterilized or iodoform gauze cut in
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Nephritis Dolorosa: Nephritis dolorosa is an old term designat-
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