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required as of the Candidate for the Degree of M.B. ; but he is not re-
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He has fair hair and eyes, and is ruddy ; he is blind of one eye from
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snow, so there are no glaciers to form large rivers. But they are high
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w-anted in the blood ; iron, to improve the impaired red discs, and to
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which the nerve is known to pass, and also thence as far tow-ards the
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ment of Vascular Ulcers of the Cornea, with illustrative cases and
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11th ; The Liverpool D.-ii!y Post, Oct. aSth ; etc.
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used for this purpose ; and the Sanitary Act, as it relates to the use and
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Mr. Arthur Norton, Assistant-Surgeon at St. Mary's Hospital,
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things are in a transition state ; but there can be no doubt that very
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Tenby, enjoy much the same mild, moist ocean-climate as Torquay ;
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after having been poulticed, broke. July 23rd. On the right side,
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three members in the counties of Northumberland and Durham. He
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missioners' salaries might be lessened. We ought, however, to have a
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opinion cf the lawyers who have been consulted ; and it rests now with
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saving the life of the patient, should present themselves. The opera-
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syphilitic nature of their disease. 7. They all suffered severely from
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a Licensed Lodging- House for three years. During these three years he
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whether produced by the soil or brought into the public markets, or
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especially on the Welsh, Cheshire, Lancashire, and Cambrian coasts—
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the new narcotic, chloral hydrate, are being employed with enor-
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Every Candidate for the Degree of Bachelor of Medicine shall be re-
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a thin fluid (fluctuation being very distinct), but the walls were not so
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according to the size of the district and the importance of the report.
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tricts having several stations. There are 793 dispensary medical
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By R. T. MANSON, L.R.C.P.Ed., etc., Witton-le-Wear, Durham.
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and with wine, and with a staff of hospital servants. Dr. Sims has, in
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geiy, and Anatomy, as tested by Clinical Examination, Operations,
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be welcomed by physicians as a great boon to many persons of delicate

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