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surrounding the nerve, following the direction of the wound, and care-
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accidentally opened. A jet of synovia escaped from the wound.
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lias a single small-pox patient failed to find an hospital-bed and a
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valuable as an illustration of what we believe to be the fact, that scarcely
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may be made in our art, exerts a more potent influence upon the origin-
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auf terS^oiuiinb^er^ogl Julius Univerfit. ^elmftab/
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usually slower in the former case, and its method of propagation
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Some days later the larynx was reopened. The seat of operation
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were open daily. Pulse Si, of fair apparent force ; temperature 37.3
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the chin was directed towards the middle line. Slight paralysis of
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the bullet is also kept, and shows its sides fluted by the bone thiough
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noticed coughing and rapid emaciation, followed by diarrhoea and
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abnormal sound. The breathing movements were little affected,
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pressing down upon the womb will be obviated. This I know from my own expe-
bupropion hcl xl 300 mg tablet
persistent, and the ejected food sometimes blood-stained. The abdomen
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22nd November, the following record was made of a very careful phy-
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conjecture as to wiio the famous surgeon probably was ?
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over the exposed part of the sac the contained organs were gradually
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antibrachial aponeurosis opened, the nerve often appears immediately
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shown. We have this year wax models which emulate the original in
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bupropion xl 300mg
surface, and the cicatricial tissue in contracting draws the anterior
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The Mayor of Lyme in 1569 put in his account-hook the following.
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virus of avian tuberculosis behaves in mammals, and how that of
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Towards its centre the wound was six inches broad and three to
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ination, the presence of fluid in the pericardium would have been
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nent physicians, but could obtain no relief. I could eat nothing without distress,
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mixing bupropion and venlafaxine
diaphragm, through which a considerable portion of the gastro-colic
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Had been in its then owner's hands since i88g. No previous
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gluteus, which interfere with, render feeble, or disorder its contraction.
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more precise and vigorous ; aud men, all men, ask themselves at each
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The animal had been bled, and in consequence a large thrombus
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in each instance opposite an intervertebral space. The contents of the
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State on Examination. — Paralysis of the hind limbs was complete.
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an " Ecole de Medecine" specially for women. The programme has
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which he dealt with it, to speak of several subjects not precisely on his
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3 ; in the trachea and nasal cavities, i ; in the pericardium and heart,
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swollen limb gradually diminished in size. As in most cases of infected
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because other murmurs are not developed by a force sufficient to elicit
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properties. Granting that a previous attack of pneumonia really
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The pocket was washed out with warm 2 per cent, creolin solution.
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STANLEY HO.SPITAL, Liverpool — Physician: applications, 15th: election, i6th,
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very generally condemned by the profession. To Dr. Waters espe-
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tendons were displaced towards the right and inflamed for a distance
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seat of fracture. The bodies of these vcrtebrie were therefore quite
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constitutional party in Prussia into the background. Those who, with
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recurrence of necrosis in the supra-spinous ligament. We determined
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reports. Confusion has occurred even in recent experiments, a fact
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still dull and stupid ; but the symptoms due to chloroform gradually

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