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excited. He became violent, maniacal, would break his drinking- vessels

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gelbach and it has been confirmed in my own experi-

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University of Illinois ; aged 45 ; died, January 3, at

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Will - Grundy — H. Douglas Singer — Psychiatry ;

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inches and some are otherwise. They all have a focus.

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basis or the insured’s protection will be represented

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the abdominal cavity. The perforation was closed by

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which anatomy, physiology and chemistry may, through

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true of any large book, with one solitary exception. But I believe that

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tion, comes up to the high standard set by the first

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stomach, was in the form of a zone. The centre of the ulceration had

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nality, for the '^ wise man'' has long since said that '' there is nothing

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Other Shops in; Brooklyn • Flatbush • Hempstead • Hackensack

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by the dime, and rummaged for roots by moonlight; and

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ciation. Might not a more lively interest be promoted by the

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is that the reticulum cells begin to proliferate in

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used. Where a more permanent effect seems desirable, tonics may be

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subject of fluid balance, the use of chemotherapy, an

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taken to the use of narcotics to relieve the strain

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value to the Community, immediate efficiency in distri-

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cure the greatest number of cases of Typhoid Fever. The

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look as if it would not heal. Then one day in washing

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overproduces its acid secretions to its own and its owner’s dis-

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in which case we are justified in taking a chance on

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it out in a small series of cases. That series would

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6. Cooke, R. A., in Cecil, R. L., and Loeb, R. F.: A

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three injections of 1 c.c. each were given. To test the

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