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found in the large pyramidal cells of the rolandic region, but especially of the

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fore unless it has been perfectly clear that death resulted without rela-

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function, as advocated by Tiirck and Charcot. This is particularly

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the blood pressure increases, according to Oertel, from 125 mm. to

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any unusual exertion, and lasted two or three minutes. During the

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had been gradual changes for many months in the aorta above the

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The General Pathology of Infection. Dr. Kanthack . . . 504

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vation. Hence modern pathologists and clinicians prefer to say a

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generation being manifested in some parts. The orifices of the

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the heart. The aortic valves may be agglutinated to form a funnel

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unwittingly and very easily — its germs possibly being almost omni-

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almost fades away when the arm is lifted at right angles to the body.

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Dukes, Clement, M.D., M.R.C.P., Physician to Rugby School, and Senior Physician to

the pharmacology of bimatoprost (lumigan)

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probably in certain cases with no change in the seat of impulse initia-

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duced by large doses of thyroid extract is increased force and fre-

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the Alveolar Air (Plech Method) with the Amount of Carbon

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Clinical Evidence of Atheroma of the Arteries. — The arteries, the

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had been reduced in size by painting the skin over it with iodine, and

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the ISTord : Brachykephals have their full share of it.

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for myomectomy and from this time on she flatly refused to allow further

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a 4-miles to the inch scale, are very useful, especially as an index map

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rarily aroused by supra-orbital pressure. He ate little. On October 6 he was

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2. Living without recurrence, which indicates that the patient was

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chyle from the vessels. Inunction of mercurial ointment has been

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evaporated fluidextract was somewhat more active than the evaporated extract.

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racic duct are limited to the neighborhood of that vessel and there-

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Fig. 13 (W. Family).— In the spring of 1910 Pellagrin 276, Mrs. M. W.,

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ease may affect the basilar and other arteries." 14 These views of a

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again at the end of twenty-four hours, during which the samples were

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sels, and is practically limited in application to the radial artery.

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tomy we are not in a position to say. It seems I i k < > 1 \ that in these

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8, 9, 10, 11, and 12) this form of test shows a decreased power of con-

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atheroma. The mean weight of the muscular mass of the heart

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