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November, 1911, he had a haemon-hage (about a teaspoon-

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altogether stopping the. attacks as it has been in the I^ds of Sir

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from the wound. The wound, at the time of his arrival, was

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losis, January, 1919) discuss the treatment of laryn-

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culating fluids of the body contain the nutritional

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was continued for a week ; then a teaspoonful twice a day

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late Confederate Medical Bureau are lost, and, from those specially

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out of the larynx at 1 a.m. Towards morning he steadily

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millions of cells which constitute the living body. To

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many members of the American school of paediatrics,

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pledges, in regard to the requirements for matriculation ? It would

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England and Wales only, and this is still the position as

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and slight sawing motion, I cut through all the rotator muscles that

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of the earliest of these. This custom was afterward imitated in

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panaceas, return had to be made to ether. He, therefore,

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the stethoscope and percusser have done for the hidden organs of

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but she could see fingers at a distance of one foot with the

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as thick as a lead pencil. Close to it lies a sicollen vein filled

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tutions, etc., will be printed with neatness and dispatch, and at the

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This case illustrates the occasional error in natur-

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ical instructors should be employed in poor districts

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nausea ; vomited once since yesterday evening ; some fulness and

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L Heat Considered a$ a Mode of Motion, Being a Course of

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injected vary with the patient. I never find it necessary

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the fact of the termination of the sessions of the two Schools of Med-

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only after the reduction of the prolapsion, added a complication,

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side the hospital theatre; while, thirdly, it is unneces-

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position, and, as a result, the leg may be shortened

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posterior portion is situated more to the outer side

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On examining the patient within two or three hours the

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Rome showed her appreciation of sanitary art, by extensive drain-

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was exceedingly friable, and was situated behind the

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lus. Of course, if the patient had been a female, it would have

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