Augmentin And Anxiety Depression
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(T) Dr. W. Thorburn, Manchester; Mr. L. Tebett, Norwich ; Dr. J. A.

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GAMMA writes : (I) A. is in attendance on a case, and B. is called in as

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Dr. William Donovan (Erdiugton) writes, with reference to Mr. P.

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thus occluding the peritoneal cavity. AVhere occlusion in

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tions on the quantity of lochia after labour. The method

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my care in May last, where a man had fallen from a consider-

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diphtheria, 55 from scarlet fever, ;;s from diarrhoea, ol from "fever"

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ence of a poisonous ingredient, if not in sufficient quantity,

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ovary, as that shown by Dr. Pye-Smith ; and so did Mr. Mobton

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of Health for Faversham Borough and Port Sanitary Authority.

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Beadles, H. S., L.R.C.P.Lond. Little, E. G. G., L. R.C.P.Lond.

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2,103, and 2,161 on the preceding three Saturdays. The 3o4 deaths referred

augmentin and anxiety depression

venture. — The Canadian Praciiiwner for April contains an

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the following forty-eight hours the patient's condition was

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existed for giving gratuitous medical relief, and a report was

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incision have to be made through the pleura, the two pleural

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and on board the troopships every officer knows, at least, to

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downward section— that is, one in the lower portion of the

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Interesting and useful report was the result, but, as nothing

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been married eleven years, and had one child 10 years old.

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tions at present received as fulfilling the conditions of the

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trict is not expected to exercise the care and skill of one who resides and

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was not due to the operation, yet the result has certainly

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Hepatic Liquid Extract might he sometimes Used with Profit. —

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by eminent members of the profession, now take the precaution of

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Establishment, is directed to relinquish the 1st Presidency Surgeoncy,

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following volumes which are needed to complete series ia

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which had been noticed to " gradually increase in size until it

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was in a very unsatisfactory condition. Some leading mem-

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ministered, and, an acute retroflexion having been recognised, a Hodge

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Keswick Hotel, Keswick, on Friday, May 12th, in the afternoon. Dr.

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jurors when the county councils provide for it. After all, the said

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that at the present time it would certainly be operated on,

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have brought the total of cases to 1,000, that is, some 460

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Committee of the British Medical Association, a good deal to

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form any conception of the amount of public charge which would Ije in-

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agisting establishments for juvenile prisoners, should be pro-

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NEW HOSPITAL FOR WOMEN, 144. Euston Road. N. W.-Resident

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