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sneeze and complain of nasal discharge and a choked-up feeling.

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from causes which might be guarded against ; and it shows, too, that by

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XV. Observations on the Pathology and Treatment of Joint

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avoid as much possible controversy and speculation, and to

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inflation in some cases is healthful I do not deny; but the good or evil arising must

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smallpox in that country, which reflects the highest credit upon

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As the difficulties attending tbe differential diagnosis of inflammatoiy lesions of the yermifonn

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h rman Ointment These almost invariably effect a cure. But in many cases,

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functional disturbance which exists in the choreic state, thus being

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the tissue was perfectly pulpy— of the consistence of cream ; and a

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is destroyed. The parts of the lungs around the tubercle are inflamed, and more

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morphine; a white, bitterish, crj'stalline powder, used as an ano-

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palpable. The upper extremities are thin, hands are medium

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ments, I may here allude to the high specific graviiy of the urine,


with it, it must be borne in mind that several tissues of very

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the atropin method of treatment is the correct understanding

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the left eye. Two hours afterwards he opened the eye as well as he

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Cystitis and all the practical points embraced under the general heading of

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only slight symptoms after its beginning until the seventh or

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impure blood, transmit theil 1,. ir children. To prevent this deplorable

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of genuine scarlatina.^ To the medical officers of the navy we

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In reference to the pestilence in Constantinople, the Conference

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Eudson ai Albany, and telling the ladies of New York thai therefrom they could

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that one should know the amount of blood the patient has,

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With reference to osteo-myelitis Dr. Fayrer is of opinion that

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tained, and am happy to see my views so thoroughly corroborated

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of undertaking cases of consumption arising from this cause, more than any other.

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was taken to avoid the lens. Vitreous humour protruded through the woand, and

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officer of the Board ot Customs, together with such men as Sir James Clark, Sir

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to be the most efficacious yet adopted, namely, to puncture the

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Description.^A rather tall, broad-featured, bony, gorilla-

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vessels of the kidneys do, under certain circumstances, become

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mentational entity

fection of the vegetable as to the animal kingdom, and that neither can thrive and

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sity a direct relation to the quantity of albumen in the urine^

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posing), which induces blisters or festers. Biles, carbuncles, and other excrescences

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tion with the causes of renal disease ; as to how far alcohol is

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